Photoshop Metal Styles

MetalStyles.NET uses the latest state of the art technology to create the finest metal styles for Photoshop®.
MetalStyles.NET is as well an exceptional web gallery of high resolution metallic textures and 3D metallized letters.
These resources are useful to create metal text effects, metallic logo design, corporate identity, brochure design, cards, posters, website and magazine ads, flyers, CD & DVD covers label, videogames designing, and other typographic effects.
The 50 Awesome Metal Styles mega pack™ is used by many professional graphic designers for type setting in Photoshop® CS+.
This mega pack is an effective tool to produce different kinds of metal, like gold, silver, bronze, copper, chrome, iron, brass, and more.

BloomCity33 presents... The 50 Awesome Photoshop Metal Styles Mega Pack. Premium metal text effects for professional designers.
The number 50... for 50 Awesome Metal Styles Mega Pack for Photoshop CS+...
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Preview of the 50 Awesome Photoshop® Metal Styles !

Technical Gold: Metal Photoshop Style
Gold Antique: Metal Photoshop Style
Technical Gold
Gold Antique

Perfect Steel: Metal Photoshop Style
Beveled Copper: Metal Photoshop Style
Perfect Steel
Genuine Silver

Pure Bronze: Metal Photoshop Style
Hammered Gold Nugget: Metal Photoshop Style
Pure Bronze
Hammered Gold Nugget

Inca Gold: Metal Photoshop Style
Perfect Silver: Metal Photoshop Style
Inca Gold
Perfect Silver

Whimsical Metal: Metal Photoshop Style
Silver Bullet: Metal Photoshop Style
Whimsical Metal
Silver Bullet

" The 50 Awesome Metal Styles mega pack™ includes 1 ASL file (fx styles), personal & commercial license, installation notes, and sixteen (16) high resolution Photoshop® PSD files optimized for Adobe Photoshop® CS+, all layered with quality backgrounds."

Looking for Rusted Metal Styles ???

With the 20 Premium Metal Styles pack™, you will be able to quickly change the lettering & fonts of any of your Photoshop® projects. You will get incredible rusty metal text effects every time, with just a single click.

Download now the 20 Premium Metal Styles pack™.

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50 Awesome Metal Styles mega pack

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20 Premium Rusted Metal Styles

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